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Dr. Robert McFrazier Interview



1. What kind of impact did the case have on the district in 1954?

  There was no instant impact on the district.  Impact occurred later.  The desegregation plan did not occur at that time.  It could allow students to attend area schools.

2. What of impact did the case have on the district financially?

  No financial impact.  It did not require any new teachers, building, busing, or books.

3. Does the case still have an impact on the district today?

  Absolutely.  When the case was revisited, the district was required by the court to desegregate schools.

4. Do you know the approximate racial make-up of the district during the time of the Brown vs. Board of Education case?

No.  Racial make-up of the district was the same as the racial make- up of the city.  African-Americans make-up approximately 11-12% of the district.

5. Do you know the approximate racial make-up of today?  

  •   African- American - 23-24%

  •   White- 59-60%

  •   Hispanic- 8-9%

  •   Other- 8-10%

6. Is there a racial balance among the schools within the school district now?

  Yes. Average minority rate in district - 42%.  No school can exceed or be lower than 15% of that 42%.

7. Is there a way I could get a hold of the copy that contains the racial make-up per schools for 1954 and for today?

  In the Demographics Office.  The demographic director is Brad Cox.

8. How has the addition of the magnet schools affected the racial balance of the district?

  Magnet schools were the main ingredient that allowed the district to balance racially across the city.  The districts closed 8 schools at that  time.

9. Is there a racial balance among the teachers in the district?

  Yes.  Demographics can provide this information.  The district maintains a certain number of minority  teachers in each school.

10. Is there any consideration given to the race of the teacher in regards to the school assignment of that teacher?

  If the schools are close to being out of compliance for the racial balance.  Race is not the sole factor used in hiring teachers.

11. Are test scores balanced throughout the district in regards to race?

  They are in high school.

12. As a Superintendent, would you have handled anything different in 1954?

  That is difficult to say.  I would have handled it differently based on the information we have today, but 48years ago the country had its laws and the government was different. 

13. If you had been a parent in 1954, would you allow your child to be bused into the same situation? 

  Bussing was not the issue at the time.  Children could not attend schools in their same neighborhood.  I would not have done anything differently.  I would have had no choice, because of the law.

14. Are there any racial problems affecting the district today?

  They are not common.



Arica Shepard


Robert McFrazier.  Personal Interview. 3 February 2002.  Arica Shepard. Telephone Interview.

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