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Recycling Policy

As part of the Kaw Valley School district's concern for the environment, we recognize that the problem of solid waste in our community is reaching unmanageable proportions. This waste output serves only to clog  our  landfills, deplete dwindling resources,  contribute to  other  forms  of  pollution, and  increase district  expenditures.


The Kaw Valley School District strongly encourages district-wide efforts by administrators, teachers, maintenance workers and students to facilitate materials recycling. This may include (but is not limited to) paper and cardboard products, glass, metal, newspaper, plastic, and building materials and food waste where possible. Every effort shall be made to promote the reuse of materials where appropriate, and the sorting, collection and arrangements for pickup of all recyclable materials.. Every effort shall be made to consider the purchasing of recycled and recyclable products when feasible. In addition, the Kaw Valley School District would like to encourage a high level of cooperation with other city and state departments in the pursuit of these goals.


It is not intended that this policy remain static. It is expected that as conditions and needs warrant, this policy will grow and adapt to meet those conditions current at the time. Procedures may be added from time to time which will further implement portions of this policy.


~District Policy as of November 12, 2012                                      



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