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In 1863 the first public school was established as District #34.  A small one story frame building on the corner of Navarre and Marion Streets had an attendance of about thirty students.  As the population increased a large two story frame building, once the old Rossville Hotel, was built on the same location as the one story once stood.  This school was a perfect success.

1882 Description of the Rossville School

Rossville.--A. B. Strowger, principal; one female assistant teacher.

There was received for school purposes, $98,704.19; teachers' wages, $42,404.15; expended for rents and repairs, $13,636.09; library and school apparatus, $209.99; sites, building and furniture, $10,673.15; for all other purposes, $21,790.22.

In 1885 it was decided that a new and better school house should be built.  In the fall a two story building of red brick was constructed.  There were two rooms upstairs and two rooms down stairs and four teachers always at work.  It had gone through many changes and improvements and was very dear to many people.  In about the year 1910 it was voted by the citizens to build a high school in the community.  The sight for the new building was thought to be best just east of the Grade School building.  The building was a beautiful structure made of brick, the lower part of the building being pebble dashed.  It was heated by oil, lighted by electricity, had a fine ventilating system, domestic science, and manual training rooms, a large auditorium, and four recreation rooms.  The average enrollment of the High school was about forty-five.  The first class to graduate from Rossville High School was composed of one member but the following year and each of these succeeding years there was an average of twelve or fourteen students.

In 1940 Rossville new district #34 Grade School was dedicated.  It was built at a cost of approximately of $42,000 and contained four class rooms, one combination classroom, library, an auditorium, kitchen, bathrooms, and a boiler room.  Further additions were made to the school in 1952,1963, 1978, and 1989.

The Kaw Valley Unified School District #321 was formed in 1966 when the schools of Rossville, St. Marys, Emmett, and Delia were combined.  The district operates two High Schools and four Grade Schools.  As of 2001, the District population is approximately seven thousand students.  The district is governed by a seven member school board with two members each from St. Marys and Rossville, and one member each from Emmett and Delia.  The seventh position is an at large position.

The population of Rossville Grade School consists of students from Rossville, Willard, Valencia, and the surrounding rural area.

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