Some early weapons were made form stones but man kind has learned from then. That is why I made this it so you can learn about some weapons that we have used in the past. all the weapons I tell about can be dated back to late 1800's.
 I'll start with the colt single action army revolver. It was used during  the battle of little big horn and the civil war. It was a choice weapon for the 7th cavalry but they also used the 1873 spring field carbine model and also their swords. but we shouldn't forget about the Hotchkiss gun ,the trapdoor Springfield ,the muzzle loader, or the ward Burton bolt action rifle. Plus all these weapons were used during the battle of little big horn. (here are some pics of 1871 colt single action army revolver to the right) 

Some colt single action army revolvers

The Trapdoor spring field

The Wincer

             One reason the 7th cavalry had single shot systems was cause of the ordnance department decided to use single shot systems. Cause they said "that the gun is as good as the man that uses it" and with the proper training a solider could fire 12-15 shots in one min.
            But guns weren't the only weapons of the time. The bow and arrows were a deadly combo. They could leave wounds that left blood and other fluids gushing from your body. If not treated you could die from bleeding to death. So the army needed physicians to treat the wounded but many men were hard to come by. Not many people wanted to join as a physician cause they didn't want to die or cause of their other fears.
            Still during the wars the one advantage to the army cause Indians had guns too was their range. But most Indians had short ranged weapons (the rang was about 300yards few went higher than 500yards).Most of the army's weapons had the same range. But they had more of them that went over 6oo yards than the Indians did. so they had the advantage of staying protected while they shot sometimes. Before the battle of little big horn one officer of Custer suggested that the should equip new weapons for the battle but Custer told him "equipping new weapons to his cavalry would not change the battle". But all the weapons still had the same overall performance .
           But it was not till the 1980's that we discovered that Indians used gun powered weapons. this tells us that Indians had a more than bow and arrows this means that they could adapt to learn how to survive. but Indians had less ammo then the army so the Indians had to use it carefully or they would surly lose the battle. Some of different types of weapons that the Indians carried were muzzlers, Springfield carbine, or bows and arrows. d at little big horn was 2361 cartridges, bullets, and shells that came from only 45 different weapons.
           Because Indians had guns and better tactics they were able to defeat Custer. one reason the army was bad was that 200-1000 men would stand blasting their guns at the Indians and hit few of them. At the southern end of little big horn is proof cause out of 5000 shots only two Indians were hit. But with all that fire power 42000 rounds of ammo were used or lost and for ever 840 shot only two Indians were hit at little big horn.



Kenny Kenneth Applebee

8th Grade

Rossville Jr. High

2001 American History